"L’oeuvre vit du regard qu’on lui porte. Elle ne se limite ni à ce qu’elle est ni à celui qui l’a produite, elle est faite aussi de celui qui la regarde”

Pierre Soulages

Current Exhibition

Lisbon design week

May, 22nd  –   May, 26th
Rua de Sao Bernardo 9A & B. Lisboa

De La Espada will be exhibiting at OJO Gallery, a Lisbon art gallery with a focus on contemporary art made using ancient techniques. A new cabinet system by De La Espada Atelier, which fuses the skills of artists and craftsmen from various disciplines, will be presented in dialogue with a selection of artworks in different media, specially created for the exhibition by French artist Victor Marqué (based in Porto) under the curation of Marie de Carvalho, owner of OJO gallery.


Photography: @yukisugiura.photo


Ojo Gallery

We are proud to be part of the AD magazine article for the Lisbon Design Week.