"L’oeuvre vit du regard qu’on lui porte. Elle ne se limite ni à ce qu’elle est ni à celui qui l’a produite, elle est faite aussi de celui qui la regarde”

Pierre Soulages

Current Exhibition

Papier & terre mêlée

December, 13th  –   Cocktail 18h-21h
Rua de Sao Bernardo 9A & B. Lisboa

Before welcoming 2024, OJO Gallery presents PAPIER & TERRE MÊLÉE, a brand new exhibition in Lisbon in collaboration with Porto-based French artist Victor Marqué, which brings together a careful selection of pieces in different
formats, materials and explorations with a focus on architectural lines and earthy

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Ojo Gallery

OJO creates exceptional bespoke pieces using primary, ancestral materials (stone, wood, ceramic, marble), in limited or numbered editions, combining innovation and highly technical craftsmanship in a highly contemporary style.