Past Exhibition

Papier & terre mêlée

December, 13th  –   Cocktail 18h-21h
Rua de Sao Bernardo 9A & B. Lisboa

Before welcoming 2024, OJO Gallery presents PAPIER & TERRE MÊLÉE, a brand new exhibition in Lisbon in collaboration with Porto-based French artist Victor Marqué, which brings together a careful selection of pieces in different formats, materials and explorations with a focus on architectural lines and earthy tones..

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The starting point for the exhibition was to gather a select number of pieces sustained by different techniques and supports in the same space. Although distinct, they complement each other. Curated by Marie de Carvalho, PAPIER & TERRE MÊLÉE presents drawings, canvas and ceramic sculptures along with more utilitarian pieces, such as sconces, door handles or tiles, all of which were created specifically for the exhibition – an assortment that comes together and expands before those who observe and let themselves linger on one piece or another.

Inspired by the countless possibilities that working on different media can bring to his creative process, Victor Marqué says “every material” brings him a “dissimilar approach”, varying between them according to his state of mind or energy. “A quick engraving on a ceramic tile can give me an idea of composition for a sculpture, which will subsequently lead me to create a canvas over several months.

Working on different media allows me to always have dozens of works in progress,” Victor shares. This approach also allows for a conversion of point of view, a perspective that he uses to switch between 2D and 3D “to see a piece with light and shadow, created with some tangible material that I had only thought of in a drawing,” he explains.

The architecture references are evident, an evolution that began in 2011 when he was still studying it. By using architectural representation tools, such as sections, axonometrics or plans, Victor played with geometry and deconstruction. Arriving in Porto in 2017, where he currently lives and works, this research continued yet always intending to diversify his artistic horizons, a fictional universe composed of, for example, chimaeras – half animals, half buildings, in this case – influenced by ancient ruins, fragments of ceramics in archaeological museums or even ancient fabrics covered with geometric patterns and unique pigments. “I like to see any work done with hands and passion,” he concludes.


Victor Marqué (Trappes, France – 1992) lives and works in Porto, specifically at the Atelier Santo Isidro. During his studies at the National School of Architecture in Versailles, Victor discovered the pleasure of drawing and geometry. After graduating, Victor moved to Portugal in 2017 to develop his artistic practice more freely and explore various media, including drawing, painting and sculpture. In 2018, he began learning ceramics at the Brâmica studio in Porto.

Since then, the artist has been building a catalogue of geometric tokens – the finely detailed glazed clay sculptures explore stories of architecture, archaeology and form. In 2021, Victor began developing his designs on handmade ceramic tiles, having already collaborated with different architectural studios on various projects.



December, 13th.

Cocktail 18h-21h

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